Leslie W. Braksick, PhD, MPH


Dr. Leslie W. Braksick publishes regularly in business magazines and continues to write for the Behavioral Science community. Her books and articles are widely used and trusted by companies and business schools to teach leadership and to showcase exemplary corporations that have successfully transformed their performance by focusing on behavior and leading through change.

The following list includes Dr. Braksick’s widely disseminated publications.


Articles & Other Publications

“Science without the Art Isn’t Good Enough” MyNextSeason (June 2023)  

“Allow Many Stars to Shine” MyNextSeason (October 2022)

“Marketing and Consulting in Organizational Behavior Management” Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (September 2022)  

“Hallmark Moments” MyNextSeason (June 2022)  

“5 Ways to Support Early Career Employees’ Mental Health” MyNextSeason (June 2022)  

“Actively Caring For Those You Exit” MyNextSeason (February 2022)  

“Celebrating Careers Matters” MyNextSeason (January 2022)  

Preparing CEOs for Success: Insights from CEOs and Directors, My Next Season (November 2021)  

“Reframing” Smart Business Magazine (January 2020)  

“The Lunch” Smart Business Magazine (October 2019)  

“Have That Awkward Conversation” Smart Business Magazine (July 2019)

“In the White Spaces” Smart Business Magazine (April 2019)  

“Time Is All We Have, So Please Use It Well” Smart Business Magazine (January 2019)  

“Our Legacy” Smart Business Magazine (October 2018)  

“The Emotions of Transition” Smart Business Magazine (July 2018)  

“How Long Do I Wait?” Smart Business Magazine (April 2018)

“Expectations vs. Reality” Smart Business Magazine (January 2018)

“It’s Your New Show, Not Your Encore” Smart Business Magazine (October 2017)

“Glimpses of Grace” Smart Business Magazine (July 2017)

“Reaching for the Next Rung,” Smart Business Magazine (April 2017)  

“Your First Next Season,” Smart Business Magazine (January 2017)

“Don’t Leave Well Enough Alone,” Smart Business Magazine (October 2016)

“Your Spouse has a Next Season, Too,” Smart Business Magazine (July 2016)

“No Place for Shoulds in Retirement,” Smart Business Magazine (April 2016)

“Honor Your Unsung Hero,” Smart Business Magazine (January 2016)

“Work/Life Balance: ‘I Do’ Feels Like ‘I Didn’t,’” Smart Business Magazine (October 2015) 

“Reinvent Yourself in Retirement,” Smart Business Magazine (July 2015)  

“What’s Your Encore?” Smart Business Magazine (April 2015)  

“Corporate Loyalty”, Smart Business Pittsburgh (January 2015)

“The Live-to-Work Generation Needs Outside Interests,” Smart Business Magazine (January 2015)

“Reactivating Networking Muscle Memory,” Smart Business Magazine (October 2014)

“An Opportunity to Reset”, Smart Business Pittsburgh (July 2014)

“The Tools You Relinquish are the Tools you Most Need in Transition,” Smart Business Magazine (July 2014)

“Preparing for Your Next Season,” Smart Business Magazine (April 2014)

“Why Wait for Exit Interviews,” Smart Business Magazine (December 2013)  

“The Absence of Clear Boundaries Can Lead to Inconsistency, Confusion, Chaos” Smart Business Magazine (October 2013)

“You Are Whom You Surround Yourself With,” Smart Business Magazine (August 2013)  

“Maintain High Performance,” Smart Business Magazine (July 2013)  

“Focus on the Critical Few,” Smart Business Magazine (June 2013)

“The Hero and The Dog Scenario,” Smart Business Magazine (April 2013)

“Hidden Costs: Ineffective Board Members,” Smart Business Magazine (December 2012)

“Tough Transitions,” Smart Business Magazine (October 2012)

“White-Collar Inventory,” Smart Business Magazine (August 2012)

“A Reason to Cheerlead,” Smart Business Magazine (June 2012)

“What Happened to All the Fun?” Smart Business Magazine (April 2012)  

“Leading the New Generation,” Smart Business Magazine (February 2012)

“Heading into the Wind,” Smart Business Magazine (December 2011)

“When Work Doesn’t Work Anymore,” Smart Business Magazine (November 2011)

“Leading Through Uncertain Times,” Smart Business Magazine (October 2011)

“Retaining Your Best and Brightest,” Smart Business Magazine (September 2011)

“What They See Is What You Get,” Smart Business Magazine (August 2011)  

“Work-Life Imbalance is a Good Thing,” Smart Business Magazine (July 2011)

“Teams, Taskforces & Committees,” Smart Business Magazine (June 2011)  

“Executive Role Play,” Smart Business Magazine (May 2011)

“Who Pumps the Pumper?” Smart Business Magazine (April 2011)  

“Driving Mergers,” Smart Business Magazine (March 2011)  

“Talent Scorecard,” Smart Business Magazine (February 2011)

“The Time is Now,” Smart Business Magazine (January 2011)  

The Impact of Terrorism on the US Economy and Business,” Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (2003)

“Coaching: A Breakthrough in Behavior Change,” American Journal of Health Promotion, Special Issue on Best Practices (2003)

“Marketing Behaviorally Based Solutions” Handbook of Organizational Performance, Behavior Analysis and Management (2001)

“Human Error: Oh, Behave! Six Steps to Get User Buy-In for Integration Projects,” CIO 148 (May 2000)

“Executive Coaching: The Competitive Edge,” Area Development Magazine (May 2000)

“Closing a Plant: Painful Process Can have a Positive Outcome,” The Conference Board: Capability 1 (2), 1, 6–7 (2000)

“Use Feedback to Bid Bye-Bye to ‘Yes Men’,” Investor’s Business Daily 16, (221), 1 (2000)

“The Effects of Feedback and Goal Setting on the Productivity and Satisfaction of University Admissions Staff,” Journal of Organizational Behavior Management 18, 45-68 (1998)

“Building Teams in Customer Service: HCC’s Road to High Performance,” ICSA Journal (Fall 1995)